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Makaryuudo Demon Hunter

Image for anime mult Makaryuudo Demon Hunter

Year: 1989

Genre: fantasy, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Okamoto Yukirou

Autor: Kewkegen

Studio: Studio Fantasia

Time: 30 min

Description of Makaryuudo Demon Hunter

A simple story: formal Rikido Yama, the demon and demon hunter (or rather, demon ^ _ ^ - and very powerful,as a result of her antics last three hundred years, kept in chains), sent to Earth to restore balance and destruction of carousing creatures of darkness, who do not want to return to their world. In fact, business trip for her - just an excuse to meet with Kurogane Schё, in which after the liberation she had vlyubitsya.Poetomu,taking a very cute look in all the places, it combines business with pleasure, enrolling in a class with Schё and gaining popularity points among his friends. Between the main business of it, of course, we have to warn the various monsters, flying, flying and crawling, she makes a success, the good far removed it is not necessary for this -near the source of evil, in the office of Acting [no, not schinigami ^ _-] Ridzhitё school director, has the classic demon, charming and sexy (albeit while kissing a dagger pierce the senior tucked under the lip).What Well, that it manages (resembling severing the main monster in half with spidery fingers,he expounded mooing and running line characters - I wonder how would he rule the world?) - no, not the salvation of the world (that`s by itself, and one that can surprise even in 1989), and the conquest of sympathy Schё, which was initially stunned her battle view,red scythe blade under two meters and a giant lizard in the background (it satelite she is). So to the genre of "Demon Huntress" (which is translated as the official name of this Japanese OAV) can safely add: the romance between fights

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