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Majin Bone

Image for anime mult Majin Bone

Year: 2014

Genre: mechanism, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Uda Konosuke

Autor: Minekura Kazuya

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 23 min

Description of Majin Bone

There is a prehistory, which begins before the birth of the Earth and is associated with the creator of all things Mazzini, who had disappeared, and in our time revived. But all this does not matter, because we have Schogo ryujin,received the ability to transform into a Bone Warrior Drakonokosta by Bone Maps, and all this for the sake of saving the Earth. Together with his friends - the soldiers of the White Bones, Bones, he confronts the dark, the enemy, who is out of the darkness to wreak death and destruction.

Images and photos of Majin Bone

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