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Mahoutsukai Precure!

Image for anime mult Mahoutsukai Precure!

Year: 2016

Genre: macho_shoujo, fantasy, adventures

Type: tv_series, ongoing

Producer: Mitsuka Masato

Autor: Takahashi Kazuki

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Mahoutsukai Precure!

Thirteen-year high school student Mirai Asahina once during spring break becomes a witness to a fall from the sky an unknown object. In the morning, taking with him his favorite teddy bear Mofuluna, donated by her grandmother, she goes in search of the park. There she sees a girl flying on a broom.Curious Mirai floods stranger questions. Young witch says her name is Rico and that she arrived at No Magic World to find a connection Stones. Mirai decides to help his new friend, and with it goes to the Magic World. There she gets to school of magic and learns that for communication Stones also hunts Dokuroksi,mysterious black witch.

Images and photos of Mahoutsukai Precure!

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