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Magical Warfare

Image for anime mult Magical Warfare

Year: 2014

Genre: fantasy, mysticism, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Satou Yuuzou

Autor: Suzuki Hisashi

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 24 min

Description of Magical Warfare

The plot tells the story of this magical action of Takeshi Nanas, seemingly ordinary students with a very dark past.For unknown reasons, the boy is a false relationship with his longtime girlfriend Kuromi, in the rest of the life he leads is quite mundane. At least, so it went, until Takeshi stumbled upon a strange girl named Aiba Mui, who told him that the world is divided into two sides - the wizarding world and the world of mortals.I do not have time to digest it all kid like Aiba stunned him the news that he was now himself a magician. eponymous ranobe Hisashi Suzuki.

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