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Magical Canan

Image for anime mult Magical Canan

Year: 2005

Genre: seinen, drama, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Abe Masashi

Autor: Toriyama Akira

Studio: Aic A S T A

Time: 24 min

Description of Magical Canan

The girlish school locker appears mysterious creature - a hybrid of the proteins and raccoon bright pink color, with krylo-elegant ears and collar. Compassionate Hiiragi Quiet severe nurse says that it`s - it pet, gently blows a scolding for having brought the animal to school and picks Chuu (how else can be called a super- kawaii charm?!) with him. At home, she tries to feed their unintentional acquisition,caresses and even takes with him into the bath... But in spite of such tender care, small animal is restless and tries to get away from the girl. Catching Chuu, Quiet becomes witness to the emergence of a terrible monster. Mysterious hybrid is trying to protect the girl, but his strength is not enough... and then, quite suddenly,Sneezing acquires the ability to transform into Magical Warrior Carmine! Despite the inexperience, she manages to cope with the monster. A mysterious Chuu Natsuke turns into a boy about her age, which explains Chihaye essence of its new mission, and the degree of danger arising out of the otherworldly "evil germs "scattered around the world... So if Silent cope with the embarrassment and forgive his mystical mentor for forced indiscretion (shared bath, etc.), the world seems to be saved...

Images and photos of Magical Canan

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