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Maetel Legend

Image for anime mult Maetel Legend

Year: 2000

Genre: fiction, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Yokota Kazuyoshi

Autor: Matsumoto Leiji

Studio: Vega Entertainment

Time: 45 min

Description of Maetel Legend

History of the creation of a film often no less interesting than the story he tells. Moreover, consulting it, sometimes we can better understand why the picture has turned out exactly this - for example, it becomes clear why in " Harlock " in 1978 at its Emeraldas no scar, and her name is a little different.The film adaptation of the works of various Leydzi Matsumoto generally born in pain and initially almost had nothing to do with each other. Adieu Galaxy Express - the only among them a direct continuation, yet others were on their own, and that now they are trying to link into a coherent whole - it is at least puzzling.Began the process of " unification" at " Legends Meytel ", which we are now going to dekonstruirovat.S one hand, this video about the two series is positioned as a sort of continuation of the " Queen of the Millennium ", in an article that I mentioned, that in days of yore rumor, if Yayoi Yukino (glavgeroinya " Millenia ") - is a youth Meytel. The times are long gone, and now the creators of " Legends Meytel " quite seriously argue that Yayoi reality - is Andromeda Promesium, Meytel mother and her main opponent in the classic versions of " Galaxy Express ". Calculating, apparently, was that therethat no modern audience " Queen of the Millennium " still have not seen and will never see, because stories as a series and a feature film in any case not possible to identify with Yayoi Promesium. It is, of course, a couple of times is called by that name, but it `s absolutely does not mean anything. You do not think,that Harlock of Gun Frontier and Harlock from Endless Orbit SSX -? is the same character Be that as it may, on the other hand "Legend Meytel " is the prehistory of " Galaxy Express " and as such looks much more convincing - not all thanks to the fact that the title character never before been so charming.Previous incarnations of her, too, have always been warm beauty and ethereal charm, sometimes forcing a blind eye to the numerous disadvantages of films with her participation, and now it added more and absolutely peerless design. Visuals in general does not show any elegant animations or fascinating landscapes,nor beautiful special effects (the latter, as is often the case in the pre-computer era, look sometimes very clumsy), but huge, surrounded by long fluffy eyelashes eyes Meytel and Emeraldas, their thick hair, waves flowing on the narrow shoulders, thin facial features - sink into the soul and do not go out of my head.Local design is even value in itself: the movie may like or not like it, but these lovely creatures you`re unlikely to find anywhere else eschё.Kakuyu school- romantic comedy in a similar visual style would be torn with hands and feet,but in this case the incomparable design of the main characters only emphasizes the tragedy of their history, which, oddly enough, completely justifies its name. If any anime galaxy express with words in the title - a fairy tale, their common prehistory - this is a legend. And, like every legend, it is sad, it is equipped with several successivereally terrible and cruel as the frames to the viewer, as well as to its own heroines. They live in a world dying in front of them they can help nothing to his mother, which is so loved... their conflict with Promesium Andromeda can be seen as a metaphor of entry into adulthood,but first and foremost it is still the tragedy of the loss of loved ones, the subject is close and clear to each of us - perhaps it is because the film makes such a strong impression. It is not without a pair of operetta villains and a few episodes in which the style of " let`s crush white mouse and will cry ", but even this is not able to overshadow the real,strong and pure feelings. "Legend Meytel " leaves a strange, depressing lyrical aftertaste. As befits a true legend, she spends her characters through the hardest tests (not so much physical as psychological) and denies them the right to happiness in this life.Its creators brilliantly coped with the very difficult task of creation of adequate history " Galaxy Express " and the result of their labors is really sheds some additional light rays on the earth Leydzi Matsumoto, but it is valuable in isolation from it. This film would not want to see a second time,but regret the first viewing have hardly. He - the dark and brutal, but at the same time - a deep, sincere and honest, endowed with all those qualities, which often do not have enough modern anime (c) Fedor Mastikhin, 2007.05.07

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