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Image for anime mult Madonna

Year: 1988

Genre: comedy, sport, school

Type: ova

Producer: Nagaoka Akinori

Autor: Kudzirai Ikuko

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 50 min

Description of Madonna

The plot of the mini-series is simple - a young teacher Mako Domont takes a job in a male high school for troubled teens. Director extraordinarily pleased influx of "fresh blood" in the teaching staff - it is only active,devoid of any prejudice a person can realize his cherished dream - a revival on the high school rugby team Gyunabe! So on Mako shoulders almost immediately after the job turned out to be coaching the rugby club, consisting of horny Nha Ganov whose assessment, of course, leave much to wish for... But after over-shorter communication young teacher with clients proved that potential recidivists is not as bad as it looks: the guys just do not know where to send the youthful energy. Teachers do not help students in finding purpose and even prevent prejudice its attitude. To tell the truth,Mako itself at first judged on pupils in appearance, which of course was a terrible mistake... To learn how to change the views of sports classes of characters to life, and says with a smile and sense of humor, " Madonna."

Images and photos of Madonna

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