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Macross Zero

Image for anime mult Macross Zero

Year: 2002

Genre: fiction, adventures, mechanism

Type: ova

Producer: Kawamori Shouji

Autor: Kawamori Shouji

Studio: Satelight

Time: 30 min

Description of Macross Zero

Chronologically, the event "Macross Zero" happen to those shown in the first series, namely in 2007, against the backdrop of a global war of humanity.In 1999, it falls to the ground a huge alien ship, and people finally learn firsthand that they are not alone in the universe. This event becomes a trigger for the outbreak of war between the United Nations and anti - UN. In the first chapter there are, apparently, the Americans, and the second is headed by Russia. The war lasted, with varying success, until the action is not a new force enters.Our protagonist, Lieutenant Shin Kudo, a direct participant in hostilities, or rather the pilot F- 14 Tom Cat. It was his unit receives the first blow of the new weapons - anti-UN transforming fighter. Having inevitable defeat in an unequal battle, he finds himself in the Mayan Island. Local residents, who rescued him,They know the legend of some " people - birds " once visited Earth. In general, all the main plot is tied to the legend. Since then, the events begin to grow rapidly. Formidable enemy forces UN to hurry and immediately throw the Pacific Ocean a new, not yet fully finalized, fighter -transformer VF - Zero (by the way,Zero - the best Japanese fighter of World War II). While this does not solve the underlying problem, namely the lack of qualified pilots, but the UN expects to quickly prepare the necessary personnel and provide decent resistance to the new threat. For training pilots sent Lieutenant Roy Fokker,who had experienced the new car and already mastered new methods of warfare. Along with these events, the UN forces are in deep water remains the second alien ship, which according to preliminary analysis of not less than ten thousand years. This proves that the alien visited Earth, when people were still in the Stone Age.To research the obtained sample is sent to a senior anthropologist Cultural Aries Turner. She was instructed to resolve the question of a possible foreign intervention in the Earth`s proto...

Images and photos of Macross Zero

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Macross Zero Macross anime world of beautiful pictures and arts
Macross Zero Macross anime world of beautiful pictures and arts
Macross Zero Macross anime world of beautiful pictures and arts
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