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Macross 7 - Encore

Image for anime mult Macross 7 - Encore

Year: 1995

Genre: mechanism, fiction, music

Type: ova

Producer: Amino Tetsuro

Autor: Kawamori Shouji

Studio: Ashi Productions

Time: 24 min

Description of Macross 7 - Encore

Macross 7 Encore - consists of three special episodes. The first of these - history of the band Fire Bomber in the form of a TV report, told a reporter. The second part of Encore, " Who Do You Love? " - Pretty funny story... Milia, Mylene `s mother, convinced that she was dying of a mysterious illness, and at the last moment of his life trying to become a good mother and a loving wife - namely, trying to marry Mylene. In the final, he performs the song Light the Light with the whole band Fire Bomber. Fleet of the Strongest Women - not shown in the second episode of the television series.Macross 7 fleet encounters the Navy Meltran (Zentraedi women). This Max crisis, Milia and Dr. Chiba decided to try the old way - Song Lin Minmey by Mylene, but the effect was the opposite. One song to get his fans a fleet Meltran - it can only Basara...

Images and photos of Macross 7 - Encore

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