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Image for anime mult Loveless

Year: 2005

Genre: adventures, kemonobito, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kou Yuu

Autor: Kouga Yun

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 24 min

Description of Loveless

What might be living in a world where external human mind can immediately understand - he is innocent or not? A sign of his youth are the ears and tail, disappearing after the loss of virginity,and not casually take up growing problems in this series a key role. Endless questions, doubts, uncertainty and suffering, the causes of which is difficult to even express... Here the difference between adults and children is so obvious that teenagers standing on the border, have a hard time, and "ears" no longer seems so sweet and touching,as it is possible to imagine. And in this world there are secret forces - and the "couple" men of the common name, use the magic words in dangerous fights. The protagonist, 12-year-old Ritsuko "Unloved", learns about it after the death of his elder brother, seme, two years after the mysterious events leading to memory loss. Boy partially lost his memory,and he became sullen and withdrawn, so he has to go to a psychologist. In the new school, he kept aloof, at home making fun of him mad mother, but things change when Ritsuko Sam meets another - mysterious adult Sobi. And when they are attacked by a young man of "Seven Moons" mysterious organization, it becomes clearthat the death of seme "Beloved" was not accidental. Here are the latest series casts doubt largely...

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