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Image for anime mult Loups-Garous

Year: 2010

Genre: mysticism, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fujisaku Junichi

Autor: Kyogoku Natsuhiko

Studio: Transarts|production I G

Time: 100 min

Description of Loups-Garous

By the middle of the XXI century unknown viruses transmitted through animal products,significantly thinned humanity. People switched to synthetic food and overcome the disease, but in fear of ever further away from each other, passing on virtual communication, teleworking, and the powers that have long been imposed total control of the life of any individual.Facing the future inhabitants found only in a family but in primary and secondary schools, which, however, is now called " community centers ". It would seem that it can happen in a society where every move count and recorded? And then in one Japanese town quiet start serial murder... 14Hazuki Makino old lives alone with the rich and powerful, but always busy receiving his father. Modest and shy girl, however, finds the strength to start a dialogue with the new school friends - and is bound to them, revealing, becoming stronger as a person. When Yuko, one of her friends, lost, and then becomes a victim of murder,the other girls decide for themselves to find a solution, because they feel that the danger facing each of them. Plunging into real life, with Hazuki amazement realizes that sterile and proper society - only a picture, but in fact all the world is ruled by the same law of the jungle, and the only means of survival in it - a clear mind, a strong will and good friends!

Images and photos of Loups-Garous

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