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Little Busters!

Image for anime mult Little Busters!

Year: 2012

Genre: drama, school, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamakawa Yoshiki

Autor: Iida Jouji

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 24 min

Description of Little Busters!

The huge high school boarding, stretched in the woods and fields, a stir - back everyone`s favorite Kёsuke Natsume! Mysterious graduate and then disappear, but each his return creates some incredible events, and does not get bored. With a special look waiting for the return of the commander of the four: Ricky, Masato, Cango and Rin,younger sister Kёsuke. Since childhood, their close-knit group "Little mischievous" stick together, straining his neighbors, defending justice, and most importantly - having fun from the heart! Here and now, on the verge of graduating from high school, and a close separation, the leader decided to shake friends, announcing,that very soon they are playing baseball now under whispers the whole school need to build a team and gain additional players - how wisely Kёsuke desirable girls. Well, we are in the process of recruitment, placement on positions, games and training acquainted with the heroes and heroines, understand and love the world of "naughty", and maybeand closer to his main secret. It`s not as easy as it seems and every character, his character, actions, overt and hidden joys and sorrows make a huge scene tapestry through which permeates the main theme of the series. Development, maturation and the transition to a new life similar to the disappearance of one world and the birth of another.Without effort, tears and sacrifice is not the case, but the main thing - friendship, courage and honor remain in the price of both worlds!

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