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Linebarrels of Iron

Image for anime mult Linebarrels of Iron

Year: 2008

Genre: comedy, action, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hidaka Masamitsu

Autor: Nasu Kinoko

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 25 min

Description of Linebarrels of Iron

In 2019-m, the mankind has been trying to solve the problem of fighting robots "Makina" with artificial intelligence and high synchronization with the pilot. From time to time, such furs come from Earth orbit. To meet the "guest" and to prevent serious damage, there JUDA Corporation.But one day, during an operation to neutralize fur named Laynbarrel suddenly deviates from kursa.V the same day on the pupil of the 3rd secondary school Hayase Koichi falls from the sky naked girl and a giant robot - just like yesterday spineless loser who only dream about, to become a "defender of justice"becomes involved in a covert war with the participation of the security services, and the Self-Defense Forces of war crimes Kato Kikan.Koyti acquires supernatural powers, he calls Laynbarrel and becomes the pilot of this mysterious fur. The young man is happy, he does not know that his life changed forever. The girl appeared with Laynbarrelem,Koichi remains at home - she does not remember anything about himself, except for the name, and that has to fight. Meanwhile, the villains of Kato Kikai continue to try to get Laynbarrel and confront them, "Makina" from JUDA.

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