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Lily Cat

Image for anime mult Lily Cat

Year: 1987

Genre: horrors, seinen, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Toriumi Hisayuki

Autor: Toriumi Hisayuki

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 65 min

Description of Lily Cat

Future.Scientists create capsules of deep sleep, which is almost completely stop the aging of the body during sleep and thus allow people to travel long distances. Using these capsules, a team of astronauts sent to the twenty-year journey to explore the recently discovered planety.Posle how the team comes out of sleep,arrived on an unknown planet orbit, the astronauts discover corrupted message from Earth. It is said that on a ship among the team has two fugitives posing as members of the expedition komandy.A is trying to figure out what kind of passengers, and what their goals are, hanging over the team a new threat - people are dying one by one,affected an unknown extraterrestrial virus and common research mission turns into a desperate struggle for survival.

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