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Legend of Duo

Image for anime mult Legend of Duo

Year: 2004

Genre: fantasy, drama, vampires

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kikuti Koiti

Autor: Ishibashi Daisuke

Studio: Radix

Time: 5 min

Description of Legend of Duo

Exquisitely beautiful meditative history of relations between humans and vampires. In the future, people are dying of an incurable disease, which is rumored to be able to heal the blood of the vampire. One of them - Duo - opened the truth to the people, but they are not happier,and turned into animals, possessed only passion - to survive. His former students are not able to see the hideous mask of greed, which are converted into a pleasant person, and so he goes on a journey to avenge...

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Anime Legend Duo, watch online Legend of Duo series with Russian
Legend Duo Legend of Duo [RUS] watch online besp
Legend Duo Legend of Duo [RUS] watch online bespl
Legend Duo Legend of Duo [RUS] watch online bespl
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