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Last Exile

Image for anime mult Last Exile

Year: 2003

Genre: seinen, fantasy, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Chigira Koichi

Autor: Oono Toshiya

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 25 min

Description of Last Exile

The talented young pilot and his co-driver Klaus, charming Lavi, get into incredible whirl of events: they are in the center of a bloody battle between the air fleets of the two rival states, participate in a dizzying race to vanshipah, save lives mysterious girl and Al, as a result,are on board "Silvana" - the legendary Flying Fortress commanded by the mysterious Captain Alex Rowe. Why stormtroopers sinister and powerful Guild hunt for Al? What hides airflow Grandstrim? "Silvana" What is the secret of the captain`s burden? The story has just begun!

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