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Image for anime mult Kuttsukiboshi

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, girls, mysticism

Type: ova

Producer: Ishikawa Naoya

Autor: Yabuki Kentarou

Studio: Xebec

Time: 24 min

Description of Kuttsukiboshi

This happened a year ago. Kiko Kawakami was in a car accident in which her parents were killed. And she herself, waking up in the hospital, found in his uncanny ability - to move small objects with his mind. About,that Kiko has telekinesis, knows only one man - her classmate Aya Saito. But there is a second secret that Kiko hides even from her. On the day of their first meeting Kiko fell in love with Aya to unconsciousness. That`s only if not in vain Kiko decided to take the first step? And you do,It does not needlessly tormented by the question: "And what will happen to them now?" And if you still have to learn about Aye that hurt her?

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