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Image for anime mult Kurenai

Year: 2008

Genre: drama, comedy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Matsuo Kou

Autor: Katayama Kentaro

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 25 min

Description of Kurenai

Sinkuro Kurenay - an orphan, he is studying in high school, studying martial arts and does not shrink from a variety of part-including dangerous: Dare racketeers, catches Nha Ganov etc. And his employer, extravagant and risky Benika-sama, offers Sinkuro new business. - the protection of small Murasaki Kuhoin, daughter authoritative yakuza.It would seem, for Sinkuro it work "on a profile", however, in addition to the safety of the young lady Murasaki, at the young bodyguard fall quite unusual for his duty of care, feeding, bathing, chastised wayward Six-Year...

Images and photos of Kurenai

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