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Image for anime mult Kuragehime

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, gender_affair, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oomori Takahiro

Autor: Higashimura Akiko

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 25 min

Description of Kuragehime

Similar people are attracted to each other, just someone lucky, but some do not. 18 -year-old Tsukimi Kuras lucky - talented artist, but is too modest and clamped creation,and even a fan of jellyfish, came to conquer Tokyo is not an empty place, and profitable "House rainwater ", where they live exclusively eccentric and female otaku. No matter you are an expert or fan of the Three Kingdoms trains - all the guests respectful of neighbors and their hobbies, feeling spiritual kinship which unites them, protects and,alas... separated from the rest of the world, where they live right, fashionable, well-dressed men and women. No wonder the residents of the "House " name your humble abode " monastery " and themselves as " nuns ". Let Tsukimi not lead the life of a hermit - hikikomori as a neighbor - mangaka, but " people" comes out very rarely, except exhibitions adorable marine inhabitants.In one of these expeditions, the heroine enters into an unequal battle for the salvation of their mascot, spotted jellyfish curare, which would be lost without it appear next to the mysterious and stylish beauty. In the euphoria of the rescue pet, Tsukimi invites new friend home without even asking the name. For pleasant troubles girls fell asleep, and in the morning it turned out,that one of them... not even a girl. So what? In " House of rainwater " all pixilated and will help and advice from a guy, but if he is, a little, but " companion in misfortune "!

Images and photos of Kuragehime

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