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Koutetsu Jeeg

Image for anime mult Koutetsu Jeeg

Year: 1975

Genre: adventures, fiction, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Akehi Masayuki

Autor: Nagai Go

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Koutetsu Jeeg

The plot revolves around Hiroshi Shiba, racer,that during the incident in the laboratory die. However, it returns to the life of his father - Professor Shiba, an outstanding scientist and archaeologist. Who has long been engaged in the study of the relics of the ancient kingdom yamantau. In particular, Professor investigated the mysterious golden bell, which has magical powers.Soon, however, it kills the queen planted Chemists servant - the ruler of the kingdom yamantau that wants to get the power of the golden zvonka.Hirosi learns about his father`s death and his legacy. Also, that he is now partly a cyborg, so he came back to life, and that the golden bell enclosed in his chest,allowing Hiroshi transform into a giant robot head and control it. So Hiroshi must stop kingdom yamantau soldiers who intend to conquer the modern Japan. Queen Chemist has thousands Honeyview - phantoms, which rested in the Japanese land for thousands of years and are capable of destroying the world.Hiroshi himself must deal with his double life: to save Japan and the other parties to continue racing career and taking care of my sister and my mom.

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