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Image for anime mult Kotoura-san

Year: 2013

Genre: fiction, romance, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oota Masahiko

Autor: Enokids

Studio: Aic

Time: 24 min

Description of Kotoura-san

Haruka Kotoura, Tottori com... No,it is quite unusual girl from an early age she unconsciously read the thoughts of all around. Haruka felt that everything she had heard people talk aloud. Ended everything is always sad, because when you tell everyone that the other `s mind, nothing good to go and can not. And her problems were saved only in junior and high school, and all it izfor the unfortunate gift that ruined her life. And it`s time to have your feet in concrete and jump off a bridge, as a completely unexpected in a new school, she....

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