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Koro`s Big Day Out

Image for anime mult Koro`s Big Day Out

Year: 2001

Genre: forchildren, daily

Type: ova

Producer: Miyazaki Hayao

Autor: Miyazaki Hayao

Studio: Ghibli

Time: 15 min

Description of Koro`s Big Day Out

15 - minute film, which is shown only in the Ghibli Museum.Until now there has been no commercial release of this film. Coro - still a puppy belonging to a little girl who lives in a small town. Once, hurrying to school, the girl retains the half-open gate through which pops Corot and hits the streets of the town. Puppy running in the streets,until he picks up a girl on a bike and put in the basket on the handlebars, but moving Koro escapes from it. Then he meets a good-natured old dog and his gracious hosts, who decide to distribute ads on the finder of a small puppy. Meanwhile, the dark. Girl, puppy mistress, no longer find a place and embarks on a quest.A Corot just as easily leave the shelter by his people and sent to further adventures. Finally, exhausted, late at night the puppy falls asleep under the postal van, whose driver notices the baby and takes it with him. Passing by the house, Koro feels familiar smells of home, out of the car and jumping in the hands of the happy housewife.This short film anticipated the scenery, like the illustrations for a children`s book. It was then that artist backgrounds Noboru Yoshida for the first time demonstrated its special style, warm and evocative of childhood.

Images and photos of Koro`s Big Day Out

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