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Koihime Musou

Image for anime mult Koihime Musou

Year: 2008

Genre: comedy, ecchi, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nakanishi Nobuaki

Autor: Saeki Shouji

Studio: Studio Live|doga Kobo

Time: 25 min

Description of Koihime Musou

The era of the Three Kingdoms in China will be a long time to feed the imagination of creative people. You can talk about it on a large scale, colorful and tragic, and can be a fun and relaxed.The creators of " Princess of Love" chose such a path - in fact filmed on anime hentai game, only slightly softened genre! As a result, severe bearded warriors in armor went clattering virtual rejuvenation course, sex change and image, becoming one and all in the charming loli, cute girls and mature women.Although the action is developed in ancient China, it was only from the original names and rules of character groups but sometimes skips successful discoveries of conformity nature and circumstances of the heroines and their prototypes.Well, the audience instead of the somber epic of turmoil and destruction of the Great Han Empire get fun and nobody straining series about the adventures of friends warriors Kahn Tёhi, Tёun and wise baby Komei. Funny adventures, meeting new, comedic episodes, thickly interspersed with Etty and fanservisa, will not be bored or just a fan of anime,neither connoisseurs of Chinese history. After all, it has already been tested "school wars " and " Rёfuko - chan!"

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