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Image for anime mult Kobato

Year: 2009

Genre: romance, fantasy, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Masuhara Mitsuyuki

Autor: Ookawa Nanase

Studio: Clamp|madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Kobato

Sweet, kind and direct girl named Kobato is in our world, to fulfill their heart`s desire. To do this, she needs to get involved in local life and to help people start collecting grief and sorrow in their hearts some magic bottle. When it is full,Kobato can get to where has always sought. Well, an assistant curator and newly- dug, as it should be in this genre, is a powerful magical creature Iorёgi, took the form of a blue plush dog...! Before us again open multiverse Klump, worlds which are a reflection of each other,and all of the characters have a set of twins, the slave and unknown. This beautiful lyric series we meet with a lot of old friends and beloved in the end be able to understand who this Kobato, where it seeks,whose reflection is? Although why wait? For connoisseurs of art Kansai Four writers left enough keys now!

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