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Image for anime mult Kobakawa

Year: 2013

Genre: romance, school, gender_affair

Type: ova

Producer: Minoguchi Katsumi

Autor: Ikeyamada Go

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 17 min

Description of Kobakawa

Megumi and Mitsuru. They are twins. She - the otaku. He is a sportsman.It is popular among the girls, and even the guys she normally did not try to talk! In Mitsuru on the nose exams in history, which is so good Megumi. Dressed in each other, they have to enter an unknown territory to them, it - the academy for girls, and she -the academy for boys! What awaits them? Much love, or in trouble? (C) AniFilm

Images and photos of Kobakawa

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Kobayakawa Anna   Character   AniDB_3
Kobayakawa Miyuki  page 3 of 4   Zerochan Anime Image Board_13
Kobayakawa Rinko  page 3 of 7   Zerochan Anime Image Board_26
Kobayakawa Sena   Eyeshield 21 ^_^ Wonderful and lovable character ..._6
Kobayakawa Sena  Eyeshield 21  Pinterest_8
Kobayakawa Sena   My Anime Shelf_7
Kobayakawa Sena   My Anime Shelf_22
Kobayakawa Takakage, Fanart   Zerochan Anime Image Board_11
Kobayakawa Takakage  page 2 of 4   Zerochan Anime Image Board_20
Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai !! Kobayashi is so nice that already
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