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Kite Liberator

Image for anime mult Kite Liberator

Year: 2008

Genre: drama, horrors, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Umetsu Yasuomi

Autor: Umetsu Yasuomi

Studio: Arms

Time: 57 min

Description of Kite Liberator

In a previous series of " Kite " killer Sava suddenly disappears after revenge for the death of her parents, and no one knows where she is. A few years later, the image of the air is dancing in the darkness of the city. She - the angel of death,killing their victims gracefully, and then disappears. Monaca - ordinary student, despite the fact that it is quiet and modest life has a dark side. Angel of Death - is the other side Monaco.

Images and photos of Kite Liberator

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Kite Liberator Kite Liberator »watch anime online
Download Cartoon Kite Liberator Kite Liberator (2008
Download Cartoon Kite Liberator Kite Liberator (2008