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Kirameki Project

Image for anime mult Kirameki Project

Year: 2006

Genre: mechanism, fiction, ecchi

Type: ova

Producer: Nishijima Katsuhiko

Autor: Yamaguchi Hiroshi

Studio: Aic

Time: 30 min

Description of Kirameki Project

In anticipation of the upcoming events of huge fighting robots (and the essence of the competition -battle of survival) alternately on models of robots produced by each of the countries attacked by some unknown machine, forcing them to battle and the spoils of victory. And within this very mysterious machine sitting four-Japanese workaholics, working for pennies on his boss, and dreaming as soon as possible to return home, to families and children,which are almost forgotten their fathers. Meanwhile, a tiny country the right (and go to school!) Three sisters Princess. The eldest, Krone, almost adult, constantly surrounded by a brood cute "guards" who are ready to die just for her mistress. Younger, Nene, just classic teenage character fighting game -up to constantly tearing at her clothes. And the average, Kahn, a modest and an autistic girl (hello Yuki Nagato, even designs like!) I love robotics, his own to build a couple of amazing robots: and shebutnoy and gipervozbuzhdёnnuyu Rinkl, and a huge and charming Dzhunerin,and which will have to make in the battle against the Japanese Big Mighty.

Images and photos of Kirameki Project

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