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Kill la Kill OVA

Image for anime mult Kill la Kill OVA

Year: 2014

Genre: adventures, school, action

Type: ova

Producer: Imaishi Hiroyuki

Autor: Nakashima Kazuki

Studio: Studio Trigger

Time: 27 min

Description of Kill la Kill OVA

In a world turned into a wasteland populated cities remained few. One of the largest is Honnodzhi, which is based on the Academy, the disposal of which is the power of super-shapes. Academy, and thus the whole city, manages the school board, whose headquarters is located in a large tower in the center of the city.All students living in the city: the talented and outstanding live in a prestigious neighborhood, and all the others in the slums. Between them constantly skirmishes. Fears and school board itself only promote a meritocracy. And, it seems, they are right. One of the key elements of the plot is a super-shape,allowing to surpass the limited human possibilities. It enhances the natural talents of man and gives him special abilities related to his skills, qualities and ambitions. The president of the school board, Satsuki Kiryuin, wants to be the only features that gives super-shape, but... history originates from the huge gates of the city,which include a single woman, dressed in an unknown super-shape and armed like a half scissors mechom.Imenno her Ryuko Mato, to confront Satsuki. The final episode of the original series, which was released on DVD / BluRay.

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