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Kiddy Girl-and

Image for anime mult Kiddy Girl-and

Year: 2009

Genre: comedy, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Gotou Keiji

Autor: Itagaki Keisuke

Studio: Knack

Time: min

Description of Kiddy Girl-and

In the yard - Stellar Dawn. People have long settled in the galaxy, but like in the good old days, continue to fight, trade and mercilessly inflated each other. Galactic Union was only an imitation of the general government, but in fact the function of hundreds of years of " looking " Gott successfully fulfilled - Galactic Organization of Trade and tariffs.But it spread corruption and conspiracy, as a result of the known world almost died and was saved only sacrifice Eclair and Lumiere - two former agents ` offices, " to the end remained faithful to humanity. Organization, reborn and purified in the crucible of testing, changed its name to the TRP, and continues to maintain peace and order in a certain space.With the tragic finale of the first season has passed 25 years. Although "office" and has become easier, many traditions have remained the same. Askur and Ku - fairies - TRP interns to cover their work as a waitress in a local cafe. But if the Ku fairies - quiet and sensible girl, then Askur - uncontrollable bundle of energy that is rarely peaceful course.After the first experience Askur for " maintenance " random terrorists Director Iver realized that co-worker `s time to take in the independent agents and give mission. Desirable - away!

Images and photos of Kiddy Girl-and

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