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Kickoff to the Galaxy!!

Image for anime mult Kickoff to the Galaxy!!

Year: 2012

Genre: school, sport, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Uda Konosuke

Autor: Kawabata Hiroto

Studio: Tyo Animations

Time: 25 min

Description of Kickoff to the Galaxy!!

Sixth grader Sho Ota in mourning - its football team broke: who had a row with the coach, who has hit in his studies, who just got tired. It`s a shame, but what can then make an ordinary guy,obviously not a sports genius? A genius does not need to be, the main thing - to love the game, do not be ashamed of it and do what you can. Therefore Ota decided to resurrect your favorite team and sports god took pity and sent him to help the two remarkable women: coeval Eric Takato nicknamed " Star speed " and Misaki Shimizu, a young pro team from Japan.Yes, with such support any Japanese schoolboy mountain will roll! In general, the process has begun. Slaughter duo of Erica and Sho like a raging tornado and began to pull out from the usual hustle and put the team into the ranks of the old and new acquaintances. And then it came into effect the fundamental law spokon: Desire, I wish with all my heart, do not give up,work up a sweat - in the end will be saved himself and help someone next. This is how loose can become plump sports girl, fallen master - to find a new meaning of life, and the protagonist with a spark will " read the game " - to grow into someone like Baresi and Costacurta. And we`ll see who will give the history of football forever red-Black color - FC " Milan " or " Dandelion Momoyama "!

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