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Image for anime mult Katanagatari

Year: 2010

Genre: tragedy, fantasy, fight

Type: tv_series

Producer: Motonaga Keitarou

Autor: Nishio Ishin

Studio: White Fox

Time: 50 min

Description of Katanagatari

In an alternative medieval Japan came to an end the era of battles, and it was the era Owari - strong power of the shogunate. The last major uprising of Prince Hidy was brutally suppressed, leading role in this played Mutsue Yasur, the sixth chapter Kёto Ryu - a unique school of martial arts. Shogun did not forget the merits of the master and, as expected,Soon after the consolidation of their power in acknowledgment of the exiled with his family to a desert island. 20 years have passed, and the country has come calm... Calm down and on a remote island. After burying his father, the young CITIC Yasur, the seventh master Kёto Ryu, relentless training, and his older sister Nanami is simple enough economy. So they lived,if not for the guests from the mainland. Togame, special agent of the government, the owners told the story of the blacksmith-Sikidzaki warlock who created among thousands of blades 12 Great Swords, which should always pour blood, causing hatred and discord.Gather Great Swords and stop confusion shogunate can not - too great a temptation to possess them: true ninja easily betray the owners, the noble samurai can no longer let the perfect blade of his hands. Clever Counselor calculated that there may be overcome only if the master Kёto school - the "fight without a sword." But to work need motivationand if it is not money or military honor, it is... love! "Fall in love with me!" - Commanding beauty Togame honest and naive CITIC. Do you think that will work?

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