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Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl

Image for anime mult Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl

Year: 2006

Genre: daily, comedy, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nakanishi Nobuaki

Autor: Akahori Satoru

Studio: Studio Hibari

Time: 24 min

Description of Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl

A guy named Hadzumu (winner of the maiden appearance, so it is sometimes mistaken for a girl) is recognized in love Yasuni - the one that loves. But... it gets turned down. To somehow appease its not a joke get up to mischief heart, he goes to the mountain Kasimayama, the place where he first met his love, but got lost on the way, circling around the neighborhood before dark. Tired Hadzumu sits on the ground and, seeing a shooting star in the sky,is going to make a wish (you know the custom, is not it?), when he realizes that something is not right here... And no wonder, shooting star was brooked crash karablёm space, which gives Hadzumu your first kiss, that is, it crashes into our poor hero. The young man was not an example of a die hard (with the help of aliens)but disaster reconstruction has subjected his body... Hello Hadzumu girl! This is where our story begins. Full of humor, no less romantic, and the girl, lovely, cute girl... What else is necessary for happiness? Eccentric aliens? There is! Tormented male affection teacher? There is! See all - and fans and haters of the genre.Do not look at - sorry.

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Kasimasi Girl meets girl (Kashimashi Girl meets Girl
Kasimasi Girl meets girl Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl
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Review Kasimasi Anime Anime Community Kats