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Karas - The Prophecy

Image for anime mult Karas - The Prophecy

Year: 2007

Genre: action, adventures, mysticism

Type: ova

Producer: Satou Keiichi

Autor: Satou Keiichi

Studio: Ufo Table

Time: 30 min

Description of Karas - The Prophecy

Worlds humans and demons were at war with each other since the dawn of time... And it seems, as long girl Yuri and her servant Karas,We tried to keep between calm and order. However, people completely lost their fear of the dark. Enraged by human stubbornness, Karas changed his former colleagues, took the name Eco and led a group of mechanized demons war against the human race. Meanwhile, Detective Cure - Head demonological crimesHe begins to investigate a series of mysterious murders, allegedly committed by some water monster; and the demon Niu, who arrived in the city to fight the Eco faces with this water monster and learns that in fact he was replaced by the face and pretends to be a great warrior Karas...

Images and photos of Karas - The Prophecy

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