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Image for anime mult Kanon

Year: 2002

Genre: daily, romance, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Itou Naoyuki

Autor: Kigami Yoshiji

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 23 min

Description of Kanon

The series " Canon" was broadcast in winter 2002 to Fuji TV to supply one of the oldest anime studios Japan Toei Animation. 13 episodes of the series shown in less than three months, fell to the public for the soul, resulting in more and was withdrawn a bonus episode of "Canon". Since watching this 13 -episode stories went a little over a week.Usually, a week later, his head no longer reproduces some scenes and episodes, characters face acquire intangible contours, which would be the envy of any mangaka. With the "canon" of course, was the same thing, but in my head scrolling episodes of the series, nothing wrong with passing is impossible to remember. A week later, "Canon" seems to be something farBut very good and bright, to find fault and criticize this work there is no desire, at an occasion can be found almost always. The story that the writers for a couple with a stranger - directed remake Takamiti Ito told the audience, falls within reasonable. It is based on all of the same relationship between boys and girls,plus a small element of mysticism, occasionally manifesting themselves in the series. In the normal boy Yuyti comes to live in his native city, from which he left seven years ago. Staying at his aunt`s, he recorded on his studies at the local school. As it should be in any kawaii - romantic drama,on Yuyti head fall different girls with their different problems that our "knight" with enviable persistence decides from episode to episode. But, as I wrote above, "Canon" is not annoying, it does not leave a bitter taste, quite the contrary. Probably,into the hands of the authors played Insanely simple design of the characters in " superdeformatsiya " style with claims giperkavaynost and gloomy winter the weather, warm hearts melt all the same characters. While watching the first episode, it seems that you have once again cheated and slipped something perishable,but closer to the middle of the series idea to turn off the "Canon" and send it to the return address is gradually disappearing. Moreover, I want to know nakoy features authors stuck in a series of 13 characters in the mountain, and what they will do with them. And closer to the end and does forgive the first episodes, and all subsequent look with interest and expectation of something such.Since the "Canon" was created for the " unisex " audience, you can recommend it regardless of gender. First of all, this series may be of interest to fans of the Romantic movement in the anime, and already in the second turn of the rest of the audience. Slowness and romantic- melancholic dialogue Yuyti should alienate fans of action games,science fiction and comedy. eroge Kanon of Key companies.

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