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Image for anime mult Kanokon

Year: 2008

Genre: shounen, mysticism, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ootsuki Atsushi

Autor: Nishino Katsumi

Studio: Xebec

Time: 25 min

Description of Kanokon

Cote Oyamada came from the village to study in high school and suddenly became the object of passionate high school student harassment.Charming buxom Tidzura Minamoto-kun chose Couto and does not hesitate to express their feelings. Cote and so not too adventurous and bold, and ardent advances Tidzury deprived him of the remnants of courage. In fact, by virtue of whether a person (high school and virgin!) To resist the charms of a fox-werewolf?.. Onlythat can prevent such admirer - is another werewolf. And then in their class translated frail white-haired Nozomu Edzomori...

Images and photos of Kanokon

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