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Kamisama Dolls

Image for anime mult Kamisama Dolls

Year: 2011

Genre: romance, seinen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kishi Seiji

Autor: Yamamura Hajime

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 24 min

Description of Kamisama Dolls

At a student party comrades inebriated freshman Kёheya Kugu and sent to admit a general favorite Hibino Shiba, arguingThat the father of the girl, though, and metropolitan, and come from the same place. Alas, the guy did not calculate the forces, as a result of a good-hearted Hibino itself remained to accompany the gentleman wearied. But hop instantly flew off Kёheya, when my friend saw cut by the body to call the elevator. Despite the appearance, the protagonist found murdered countryman and not particularly surprised,when in the evening in his home was "Kakashi" - Divine doll. And why be surprised if it was this doll named Kukuri he left before leaving younger sister Utao, following initiation? There is already a Church for many centuries in the village Soramori - secret order,Insiders who are subject to the "shell of God" or divine doll - supernatural beings with great power. Sister hero learned that Aki, their kinsman, a renegade who had killed his force a lot of people escaped from prison and came to Tokyo - obviously, in his soul.After a short conversation with Aki appeared poor Kёheya apartment was destroyed, but the father Hibino hush up the matter, and invited the children to live with him, to the timid objection by replying that are orders of the Temple, and they are not discussed. So Kuga (to the evident displeasure of the younger sister) united with his beloved. Here are just a pleasure to be aware of whether thatno matter where you run away from the past, and your own fate, it seems, does not belong?

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