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Image for anime mult Kaichuu!

Year: 2010

Genre: comedy, romance, seinen

Type: ona

Producer: Oonuma Shin

Autor: Hayashi Yuuki

Studio: Silver Link

Time: 5 min

Description of Kaichuu!

Tatsuya Tachikawa high school student wants to become as beautiful archer, as was his grandfather.The old man`s grandson bequeathed his bow and his dream: to become the head of the school archers style Eysines. But Tachikawa is just beginning the path to true skill and All-Japan fame. And the club it is not strong enough: the captain of the team longer asserts itself at the expense of novice archers than trains them. And then there`s the school translates a new student,and all the classmates are shocked Tatsui: Gondzaburo Sasaki dresses and looks like a girl! On the question: "Why the guy skirt and long hair," he says, touching affectations, "but I have a much better look, is not it?". And now this transvestite joined the archery club. And, blushing, looking at the Tachikawa-kun...It is not easy to remember instruction grandfather in such a difficult life situation!

Images and photos of Kaichuu!

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