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Kagami no Gen`on

Image for anime mult Kagami no Gen`on

Year: 2004

Genre: daily

Type: ova

Producer: Shishido Kojiro

Autor: Jules Verne

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: min

Description of Kagami no Gen`on

Although computers and related technology is gradually, for more than a decade to win a place under the sun animation, really noticeable they become suddenly and only in the beginning of the new century. Apparently,I had accumulated some critical mass of computers that could start the reaction, with the fruits of which we are dealing at this time. The fruits of these - semicottage cartoons, which appeared a lot in recent years, and, presumably, will be even more in the future. They are often called " amateur ", although this definition is too true -working on them highly skilled animators, their budgets easily reach millions of dollars. Technically, they are usually quite traditional, but otherwise this ersatz cartoon bears little resemblance to her older sister - is a separate and very specific genre with its own laws, their creative methods and their target audiences.Kagami no Genon - probably one of the best films of this type.

Images and photos of Kagami no Gen`on

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