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Kagaku na Yatsura

Image for anime mult Kagaku na Yatsura

Year: 2013

Genre: school, harem, fiction

Type: ova, short

Producer: Kaneko Hiraku

Autor: Shiibashi Hiroshi

Studio: Hoods Entertainment

Time: 25 min

Description of Kagaku na Yatsura

"Merry," the story of a gay "everyday life" of three girls and one guy - Hizuki Ayana, genius inventor "Doctors Fankenshteyna" Hizuki Toko,a scientific inventor "funny", "Wheels" Kuze Irie, the young doctor`s "Gordon Freeman" lover of scientific and technical gadgets, and experimental fitment... childhood friend - Komabe Haruki, a guy who always helps out and makes these three mountain scientist.

Images and photos of Kagaku na Yatsura

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