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Image for anime mult K-On!

Year: 2009

Genre: school, daily, music

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamada Naoko

Autor: Kakifly

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of K-On!

Sweet, sincere and awkward Yui Hirasawa happy that I enrolled in high school. Now is the time to express themselves, find friends, grow up and get rid of the children`s complexes,finding a club like and revealing unknown talents! Hmm, what are Yu talents? She herself is not yet clear... Meanwhile hyperactive Ritsu Taynaka with childhood friend Mio Akiyama struggling to maintain a school club light music, who lost all of their members. The task is simple - to score four to the end of April, the first month of study.Priceless discovery was " Visitor to the light " tsumugi Kotobuki - heiress and a real " princess." Now Ritsu old dream to create the group almost came true: after all, she herself has accelerated, Myo - bassist, and pianist virtuoso tsumugi can stand for keyboards. But the time is coming, and the last, the fourth girl,all there! Who will take the guitar and become the soul of the company? Of course, little Yu! Never mind that it is a guitar in his hands did not hold - there is a will... That`s revived light music club (in Japanese keyon - gaku), for the formation and development of which we will constantly monitor this spring!

Images and photos of K-On!

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