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Jungle Emperor Leo

Image for anime mult Jungle Emperor Leo

Year: 2009

Genre: adventures, drama, forchildren

Type: ova

Producer: Taniguchi Gorou

Autor: Tezuka Osamu

Studio: Tezuka Productions

Time: 108 min

Description of Jungle Emperor Leo

B near future, people have destroyed most of the forests on the planet Earth. In order to preserve nature, the company Eternal Earth cozdaёt reserve " Neo Jungle " -a huge artificial island on which all climate zones - from Africa to Antarctica, where the few surviving animals are moved. Among them - a majestic white lion Panja, Bishop extinct savanna. Despite the fact that the " Neo Jungle " fully controlled by humans, animals still believe Panjim their emperor,Though accused of excessive attachment to the people along the way laughing at his son Leo, who more than anything else is afraid of heights. Meanwhile, Eternal Earth in the face of the ambitious director of Oyama is preparing to introduce " Neo Jungle " public - not so much for the benefit of wildlife, but for pecuniary interest.But the territory of the " Neo Jungle " accidentally gets Oyama son - a boy Kenichi. He understands the language of animals, but none of the adult does not believe it. Nevertheless, it was Kenichi play a leading role in the further developments of this animated film, in addition to the ecological plot covers topics relating to children and parents, mutual support and genuine friendship.

Images and photos of Jungle Emperor Leo

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