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Jewel Pet

Image for anime mult Jewel Pet

Year: 2009

Genre: macho_shoujo, comedy, forchildren

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shimazaki Nanako

Autor: Nishizaki Yoshinobu

Studio: Studio Comet

Time: 25 min

Description of Jewel Pet

Few people knowThat along with the world people have a fairy-tale world of gems. This world is inhabited by little animals Gemstone, they own the magic and can be converted into precious gems. But one day, by chance, gems fall into the world of men. One of the little animals, Ruby - goes in search of them, and in the hands of a modest girl named Rinko...(C) Kamitake for

Images and photos of Jewel Pet

27 th episode of the anime Light precious little animals Jewelpet Kira Deco
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Garnet (Jewelpet)  page 2 of 4   Zerochan Anime Image Board_10
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Jewel Pets, Cat  page 4   Zerochan Anime Image Board_28
Jewel Pets   Zerochan Anime Image Board_30
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jewelpet tinkle  Manga amp Anime  Pinterest  Cartoon_4
Jewelpet Twinkle (TV)   Anime News Network_12
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Lady Jewelpet (TV)   Anime News Network_23
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