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IS: Infinite Stratos

Image for anime mult IS: Infinite Stratos

Year: 2011

Genre: shounen, harem, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kikuchi Yasuhito

Autor: Yumizuru Izuru

Studio: Bit

Time: 25 min

Description of IS: Infinite Stratos

In the near future in Japan (where else?) Have invented a wonderful battle suit, the operator which received great strength, speed,powerful protection and an arsenal of weapons built. Man becomes like a universal fighter, because a suit is called " Heavenly Armor ", abbreviated ND. Given that the pilot can activate the suit power of thought and talent enough in each country, it becomes clear why the war ended, and the ND won niche " weapons of deterrence."Now working on its development was carried out under the pretext of "peaceful use", for example, in sports, where representatives of all nations. More specifically, the representative as to activate Armor could only women! In a society that is entirely dependent on a miracle technique, again reigned matriarchy.But ten years later with the opening of a world shaken by Armor new sensation - the first man was found capable to become a pilot! And now Orimura ITIC, 15 -year-old reluctant hero, through the efforts of the Japanese government admitted to the Heavenly Academy, where learning the most talented pilots from around the world. Now, ITIC,single guy among the strong and aggressive beauties, it is necessary to stand up for the honor of the innocent victim, " the weaker sex ", to deal with the childhood friends, to strengthen uh... international relations, but also because the study and when it is necessary! ranobe IS: Infinite Stratos from Yumizuru Izuru.

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