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Image for anime mult I``s

Year: 2002

Genre: school, romance, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Kageyama Shigenori

Autor: Katsura Masakazu

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 30 min

Description of I``s

After,how Iori Ёsidzuki appeared in the magazine in a bikini, she abruptly became popular at school, but now she does not give a passage different perverts. And now almost all the guys in school are going to do anything to see or photograph Iori completely naked. All the while trying to protect her classmate Iori Ititaka Seto. Seto Iori`s trying to protect,because he is in love with her, and now they have to be there, because the teacher put them in a pair, and said that they will have to play at a party scene "Two in a coat." Once Iori under the pretext of work goes into the house of the Seto, Seto but then learnsthat it came to an old childhood friend Itsuki Akiba, and she was the cause of a new misunderstanding between Iori and Seto. Akiba appears at school and says he loves Seto, it all turns into an ordinary Akiba joke, but after these words Seto begins to toss and turn and think about the words of Akiba. But it seems even wants to help Akiba relations and Iori Seto,that`s just the constant jokes Akiba aggravate the situation. And now the important question is whether, and Iori Seto them together or something again hurt.

Images and photos of I``s

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