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Image for anime mult Interlude

Year: 2004

Genre: mysticism, horrors, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Nagamine Tatsuya

Autor: Furuya Usamaru

Studio: Arms

Time: 40 min

Description of Interlude

Life quartet inseparable friends - school students a fun and relaxing -dozed on a boring lesson, you can wave after school at the karaoke bar, regaling favorite strawberry milk. However, the young hero troubled by nightmares of misery and death. Realizing suddenly that his memory of people and events is different from the memory Tama, Tim and Kharusi, his three girlfriends, he begins to realize that something is wrong.And when daylight him a vision of a strange beauty, with amazement looks at him in a deserted subway station, the guy seems to be that he has gone mad. But familiarity with Aya Vatsudzi opens hero that his world is familiar, perhaps, no more real than the city at night, moonlit,where in his dreams, he and Aya run from demons hovering in the sky...

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