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Infinite Ryvius

Image for anime mult Infinite Ryvius

Year: 1999

Genre: mechanism, psychology, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Taniguchi Gorou

Autor: Yatate Hajime

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 23 min

Description of Infinite Ryvius

By the XXII century, mankind has mastered space,and all the planets of the solar system were based colony. But in 2197 the sudden explosion of the solar corona has led to the formation of the so-called Gedalta sea - high temperatures and pressures, widespread in space and creates a huge threat to Astronautics, erasing any powder in the ship, who has come in too deep.The nature of this phenomenon remained unclear, and in the open space at the borders Gedalta were created fortposty to study it, one of which is a huge orbital station " Liebe Delta", where hundreds of boys and girls are taught the entire spectrum of space professions - from flight attendants to the rescue.Educational routine violates diversion unknown attackers, the station changed course, leaving it collapsed in Gedalt, the risk of being crushed in a matter of hours. Some adult instructor dies when trying to slow down the dip, the rest fell by the hands of criminals. Fleeing from dying " Liebe Delta", the students are moving to " Rivias ", Powerful cruiser type Bratica, hidden in the bowels of the station. Some powerful forces want to destroy at any cost " Rivias " and his involuntary crew have a long way to the house, in spite of all the growing friction between different groups and individuals on board. Clever technology can protect young astronauts from enemies,but can not save them from themselves...

Images and photos of Infinite Ryvius

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