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Inazuma Eleven Go

Image for anime mult Inazuma Eleven Go

Year: 2011

Genre: sport, fantasy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Akiiama Kacusito

Autor: Hino Akihiro

Studio: Olm Incorporated

Time: 25 min

Description of Inazuma Eleven Go

After 10 years after the FFI (Football Frontier International), looming over the country new cloud disaster. During these 10 years, Japan, and what used to be called football, has changed. At this time, football has become a cause of lost hopes, and ruined lives. The new protagonist, Tenma Matsukadze,enter into the football team, "Raymond" (dreamed since childhood), but in a match with another team, he soon realizes that football is very different from what he expected. Now football in Japan is controlled by the company "The Fifth Sector" led "by the Holy Emperor" Shuji Isis.He ordered solved - if the team loses or wins the match. "Real football" is more net.Vmeste with his friends Tenma Matsukadze now fighting for a free football that everyone can finally free to play football without instructions.Rebellion begins against Fifth Sector and unexpected help "Raymond" provides the organization "Resistance", whose members are previous heroes anime Inazuma Eleven.

Images and photos of Inazuma Eleven Go

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