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Inazuma Eleven

Image for anime mult Inazuma Eleven

Year: 2008

Genre: fantasy, shounen, sport

Type: tv_series

Producer: Akiyama Katsuhito

Autor: Tomioka Atsuhiro

Studio: Olm Incorporated

Time: 24 min

Description of Inazuma Eleven

This story is about football, but it is not so,What we used to see on TV. We find ourselves in an alternative world where ordinary people can do wonders. Actually the main event takes place in the secondary school of Lightning, where the local football club is on the verge of dissolution, and it is not surprising, since only 7 people listed in it instead of the required eleven. And those who enter,somehow not serious about football, they have lost faith in the fact that one day will be able to take part in the Football Front - football clubs among high school championship. Only a captain named Endo, who plays as a goalkeeper, did not lose hope and trying to cheer up others. He always trains himself and trains the children in the river.And once it is school leadership and said that they will play with the champion of a soccer friendly match front, and if they lose, then the football club will be disbanded. Endo liked the idea, because there is nothing better for him than to play football against strong opponents,true friends on the football club of his enthusiasm was not shared, as frightened formidable opponents. Endo begins to search for the required four players in the game and begins to sharpen their skills on the instructions left him by his grandfather. Friends see his efforts and infected by his enthusiasm.But will they be able to find four new members of the club for a couple of days, and then beat the champions? And if their dream of going to the football front generally realized? the same game from Level-5, which is also based on the manga created (author Tenya Yabuno).

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