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Hyper Shinobi Animation: Shadow

Image for anime mult Hyper Shinobi Animation: Shadow

Year: 2004

Genre: ecchi, history, fight

Type: ova

Producer: Kikuchi Yasuhito

Autor: Yamada Mitsuhiro

Studio: Synergy Sp

Time: 30 min

Description of Hyper Shinobi Animation: Shadow

Japan Times feudal strife. A rich old man of the highest ranks in bed having fun with a nice girl. In the most unexpected moment before his eyes stuck knives, and the next moment the old man`s throat covers noose. The bed is heard a death rattle. The head of an old man flies off to the side and out of the body whipped fountains of blood...The plot combat hentai dark and heavy. The focus is on the bloody scene. But this story, and there`s no getting around... First of all, this is a purely samurai action movie. And as a solidly made on the subject, and a drawing (there are some beautiful shots). and the number of krovischi even surpassing it. On heavy everyday life (Prodigal) Female Ninjawho have to be given before killing the victim! One episode of "guillotine" by wire noose is worth something! However, it should be noted taking place unfinished storyline, since the action is not limited to a mini series of first class confrontation of the two killers - Carew and Udzyume. With the death of the latter,Carew problems did not end, but rather the opposite - to learn the truth about the death of his family, come together in a fight with one of the performers (who, incidentally, now has a lot of power) she turns to the elimination of the object. Defiant waiting for death in any way, as happened previously with his father Udzyume.

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