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Image for anime mult Hyouka

Year: 2012

Genre: adventures, school, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takemoto Yasuhiro

Autor: Yonezawa Honobu

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Hyouka

Sixteen Hotaru Oreck is a bum, and of those who consider excessive energy loss senseless and even unnecessary. She is a student at the school he Kamiyama, where all crazy about club activities,Hotaru and at the request of the older sister wants to join the literary club. According to the sister, the club must be saved from closure, and therefore the hero no one will bother. So the guy wrote a statement, took the key and went to the right room, but finds there Eru Titandu from a neighboring class. Era fragile, sweet,spontaneity and a galloping horse will not stop, but it is easy to convince others to do so. And most importantly: Is it worth it to hear about the detective puzzle, and our dear Titanda turns into the pursuer slaves. To take the rap you have guessed? So Oreck became reluctant detective, and realizing that the days are coming not dull, he was joined by only one, Satoshi Fukube, energetic student, kept pace everywhere and knows everything. Now, if something worthy podvorachivaetsja, Eru speaks openly about his own interest, Satoshi produces information and Hotaru, torture, finds a solution. Soon cheerful trio replenished Fukube girlfriend named Beacon Ibar,and new-found four young detectives among everyday puzzles found a real mystery, the fate of the former school pupil forty -odd years ago. And it`s only the beginning!

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